2020 Wake A24 All the performance you need and nothing you don’t

Axis A24 Overview Header


At 24 feet,  this is the biggest boat in the Axis Line. With seating for 17 and 4,875 pounds of available ballast loading down the patented Wake Plus Hull, the A24 delivers a truly pro-level wake with no one left behind. Opt for the Performance Surf Package to bring the ocean inland with Surf Gate, Surf Band and the Power Wedge III. On top of that, upscale amenities like the new soft Grip foam flooring, Rear-Facing sliding Skybox Seat and enormous pickle-fork bow make the A24 the undisputed total package.

The Axis PSP (Performance Surf Package) incorporated into this Axis A24 provides you with the ability to create your own waves wherever and whenever you want, and control their size, length, shape and speed.

The P.S.P. starts with the Wake Plus hull design engineered for this A24 model. Combine this with wave engineering running surfaces and customised swim platforms. Then, for a bigger wake flip a switch to fill the Hard-Ballast system for wake-creating ballast. Get the Plug'n'Play ballast option to add another 570 kgs. for the biggest wake you've ever seen, equip your Axis A24 with the Auto-Set Wedge or Power Wedge III hydrofoil. Engage the wedge in the water and instantly gain another 455 kgs of wake-generating water displacement.

Wait until you see how easy it is to turn that wake into an endless, customisable wave for surfing. Drop the Wedge and then flip a switch to activate Surf Gate. That's it. The Surf Gate's high-speed hydraulic actuators let you quickly shift the wave from side to side for regular or goofy styles.

With the P.S.P. and Surf Gate, the driver can dial in the wakes and waves to make the perfect watersports playground for any rider, every time. Wearing the Surf Band, the rider can control the Surf Gate, speed and stereo volume right from the board.

The striking dash design with glowing white 3-in-1 gauges gives the cockpit a classic sporty look. There's more function with the central touch screen that integrates menu navigation, Surf Gate control, speed control and more. The panel of soft-key switches puts major controls at the driver's fingertips, and helm and transom remotes for the audio system let the driver or passengers adjust the music.

So go ahead, create an endless summer for the whole family-and your friends.

Axis is Centered on you, providing all the performance you need and nothing you don’t.

Length (excl. Platform) 24' / 7.32 m
Length (incl. Swim Platform) 29'4" / 8.95 m
Beam 102" / 2.59 m
Weight 6,200 lbs / 2,812 kgs
Draft 27" / 0.70 m
Standard Ballast 1,000 lbs / 408 kgs
Maximum Ballast 3,750 lbs / 1,701 kgs
Optional Bow Ballast TBC
Optional Plug'n'Play 1,750 lbs /
Optional Power Wedge II 1,000 lbs /
Hull Type Wake Plus
Fuel Capacity 295 ltrs
Maximum People 17

  • New fully Redesigned Helm Seat 
  • Rear-Facing Sliding Skybox Seat on A22
  • Black Anodized Swiveling Clamp Board Racks with Wider Forks to Accommodate Surfboards (optional)
  • Updated Swim Platform
  • Digitally Tuned Zoned Audio
  • Ratcheting Chillax Hinges on Flip-up Seats (optional)
  • Speed Control
  • AW15 Tower
  • Livorsi Electronic Throttle
  • Above-Engine Warming Bin With Drain
  • LED Storage Lighting
  • Wakebox Hard-Tank Hi Flo Ballast System
  • Single Shark Fin
  • Walk-Through Design
  • Illuminating 3-in-1 gauges
  • Soft Grip Flooring (optional)
  • Bungee Tower Racks (optional)
  • PTM Clamping Board Racks (optional)
  • Improved Power Wedge III with five degrees more lift and integrated Surf Pipe (optional)

Performance Surf Package (optional)

  • Surf Gate
  • Surf Band
  • Power Wedge III